Update on Second Edition of The Ascetical Homilies

The Ascetical Homilies on the Press

The Second Edition of The Ascetical Homilies of St Isaac the Syrian on the press. Lord willing, we will receive copies in two weeks.

Last week the Ascetical Homilies were printed. Yesterday, September 29, we received and approved a sample copy of the cover. Today we received a copy of the unbounded folded signatures of the printed book for approval. The final books should be here within a couple of weeks.

13 thoughts on “Update on Second Edition of The Ascetical Homilies

  1. Excellent news! Is it true that the introduction from the first edition will not be included? If so, will it be available online?

    • No, it’s not true. The Introduction has not been omitted, but has only been revised and updated to reflect recent scholarship on Saint Isaac and his homilies; it also includes two maps, one of Arabia and Mesopotamia, showing places associated with Saint Isaac’s life, and one of Western Europe, showing places where manuscripts and printed editions of his homilies are known to have existed from the mid-thirteenth century on.

      Appendices B and D of the first edition, and the Epilogue on the Persian Church, have been omitted from the second edition simply to reduce the overall bulk and make the book manageable to read; we will post PDFs of these texts on our website for free download for anyone interested in them.

      The second edition also includes two homilies from Bedjan’s Syriac text which were omitted from the first edition; they will be included in Appendix A with the five Syriac homilies of the first edition.

  2. Can’t wait. Thank you for the work you are doing to publish these again. I take it the order of the homilies in this edition will follow the Greek version, with the additional syriac homilies as appendices? Thanks

    • The order of the homilies is the same as the first edition. It follows Bedjan’s Syriac text and the more ancient Greek MSS, rather than Theotokis’s 1770 printed edition, for reasons mentioned in the Introduction (pp. lxxviii-lxxix & lxxxix-xc in the first edition, pp. 80 & 87-88 of the second edition about to be available). The seven homilies in the Appendix (two new to this edition) are only in Bedjan’s printed Syriac text, but they are genuinely by Saint Isaac and not of a secondary status.

    • We are awaiting an advance copy from the printers to make sure all is well, then will begin accepting pre-orders for it on the website or by phone. This should be by the end of this week at the latest, if all goes well.

  3. Greetings. I am writing you from Malaysia. I am interested to order a copy of the revised edition. Can I pay through paypal? You can reply to my inquiry via the above email address. Thank you.

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