The Ascetical Homilies—Now Available

We are now accepting orders for The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian. We expect to be able to begin shipping of orders next week. Use the website store to make your order for Saint Isaac’s Homilies.

Cover of The Ascetical Homilies

The cover of The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian, Revised 2nd Edition


3 thoughts on “The Ascetical Homilies—Now Available

  1. Have you posted the missing appendices on your website as pdf files yet? I have been unable to locate them. Thank you for republishing this fine work.

    • The piece from the First Edition, Translator’s Epilogue: A Brief Historical and Theological Introduction to the Church of Persia to the End of the Seventh Century, as well as appendices from the First Edition will become available in about a month. We thank you for your patience as we prepare a new venue to present them for download.

  2. Thank you for republishing this edifying work. On page 74, footnote 63, it says “A digital scan of this Epilogue [on the history of the Church of Persia found in the first edition] is available from the Monastery’s web site.” Do you have a direct link to the scan? Thank you very much.

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