Monastery Photo Album

Summer 2011

Some outdoor photos taken Summer, 2011 at The Holy Transfiguration Monastery

[img src=]The Stream with Waterfall and Pool
A small stream or brook runs through the woods in the back of the property. There are several little waterfalls such as this one.
[img src=]Mother Stephania's Grave
+Mother Stephania was the first Abbess of Holy Nativity Convent. Her grave is among those in the community's cemetery. Two large pine trees in the background of this shot were uprooted during a violent storm.
[img src=]Monastery Northeast Corner
Looking from the driveway back at the front left corner of the monastery.
[img src=]Monastery Northwest Corner
Looking from the driveway back at the front right corner of the monastery.
[img src=]Monastery South Side Looking Up
Looking from the back of the monastery up at the building. The palm tree plant is moved indoors with other fair-weather plants during the cold season.
[img src=]Back Yard from Tower
Looking down from the tower into the back yard.
[img src=]View Looking Out
Looking from inside the monastery grounds toward the front gate, beyond which is Warren Street.
[img src=]View Front Yard Looking East
Looking from the front driveway toward the East.
[img src=]Bees at the Monastery Hives
Busy bees at the monastery. May they serve as a salutary example of diligence in things spiritual.
[img src=]Sunflowers in the Garden
Birds love these.
[img src=]Goldfinch
Goldfinch at a sunflower.
[img src=]Woodpecker
Woodpecker at a nearly empty suet feeder.
[img src=]Dove and Cross
Another feeder in the monastery garden, with the Cross in the background.